Surveillance and Analytical Advantage

From research spanning over half a decade, we have developed leading artificial intelligence algorithms and libraries for computer vision. We bring these technologies together into a platform to manage surveillance and data analysis at the border points. This is coupled with a robust video management system that will plug into all surveillance cameras at the premises.


- Our powerful platform covers border premise surveillance, facial detection, enrollment, verification and matching.

- We run powerful algorithmic checks to ensure high accuracy, speed and scalability

Our Technology

We have one of the leading algorithms for face detection, recognition and behavioral analysis from video streams. Our combination of in-house and third party libraries provides a high speed and accurate metatdata matching in realtime.


  • Face detection

  • Feature points extraction

  • Vector data matching

  • Video management scaling

Our vector comparison database and algorithms compares upto 1 trillion records within a millisecond.

Our Face Recognition Engine

  • Capture face image from camera or still image input.
  • Extraction of 128 facial feature points and converting to metadata in form of vector arrays.
  • Feature comparison with new extractions.
  • Vector feature matching with high accuracies

Our Video Management Platform(Jumuisha)

  • We provide a video management platform which aggregate all your camera feeds in one platform.
  • The command-center-like platform gives you a feel of all your premise assets and activities close to you.
  • We perform video archiving to keep trace of all your premise events based on time.
  • With Jumuisha, all your surveillance needs are always covered.

In case you would want to utilize the product’s functionalities, test its capabilities and any other enquiries click the button below to book a demo.