Point Cloud visualization and interaction for all

For your LiDAR scanned data visualization, analysis and virtual tour in an optimized and use friendly way.

Why Jengo3D ?

For centuries, we have relied on 2D maps and photographs to understand our environments, both indoor and outdoor. This led to limitation of immersive experience with our environment in a digital platform, this led to many people turning to 3d data and systems.


My 3D

Upload existing 3d lidar models and have an interactrive visualization.

Request Capture

Do you need your space scanned now it possible from a click of a button.

Analyse 3D

With wide variaties of tools for analysing 3D data from measurements to annotations etc.

In case you would want to utilize the product’s functionalities, have your building scanned,visualize your scanned products on this product and any other enquiries click the button below.